Limited spots still available in select grades. Please call the school if interested.


As part of the St. John Brebeuf School community, adult volunteers play a vital role in a variety of school programs.  If you wish to volunteer, please pick up and complete the Parent Advisory Council Volunteer form.  Please be aware that you must complete a Child Abuse Registry Check if you wish to volunteer for day time events and additionally a Criminal Records Check if you are volunteering for coaching, supervision for overnight retreats, or if you are handling money for school purposes.  These forms are available from the school office.  The school may determine the positions and roles to be filled by volunteers having regard for a person’s qualifications, experience and abilities, and may prohibit a person from volunteering or performing a specific volunteer function if it determines that this is in the best interest of the school.  Due to many food and fragrance allergies within the student body, all volunteers must refrain from using scented products.