Limited spots still available in select grades. Please call the school if interested.

School Traffic

Drop Off and Pick Up Guidelines

Double Parking is Not Permitted

  • This has been identified as the most dangerous practice around the school. It limits visibility, traffic flow, and boxes-in drivers stopped in the loading bays. Double parking is illegal at all times and subject to enforcement action.

No Unattended Vehicles in Loading Bays

  • These loading bays (Renfrew St and Lanark St)  are clearly marked by street signs. They are intended as a quick stop for the purpose of dropping off your child.  Please move on when they are safely on the curb.  Extended idling in these zones is not permitted.
  • Vehicles must face the direction of traffic during drop off.  Please refrain from dropping students off on the opposite side of Renfrew Street.  This area is clearly marked as a no stopping zone by the city.

No Stopping in the Back Lane

  • No stopping, parking, drop off, or pick up is allowed in the back lane.

No Parking in Staff Parking Lot

  • The staff parking lot is for staff only, and not to be used as a pick up or drop off zone for students.

Practice Patience, Respect, and Courtesy

  • Should a community member approach you regarding a violation of the above noted traffic regulations, please respectfully move along.  Verbal abuse will not be tolerated.

Flow of Traffic