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Christian Outreach

As part of its mission to develop Christian Leadership potential of students, St. John Brebeuf School offers a number of programs that put “love into action” within the school community and beyond. With an ongoing focus on social justice, students serve the needs of others both locally and globally through a number of Social Justice Projects.  Current projects at the school include:

NEEDS Centre:

Every year in December, our school helps to support the NEEDS Centre, a centre for new immigrants and refugees to Canada.  N.E.E.D.S, Inc. is an organization that provides support and accessible services to immigrant and refugee children and their families.  Their primary goal is to, “enhance their integration into Canadian society by providing youth with employment, education and social recreation programs supported by psycho-social educators.”


A Christmas Gift That Makes a Difference:

St. John Brebeuf students, in partnership with the Sisters of Our Lady of  the Missions, give Christmas gifts that make a difference to assist some of the poorest, most neglected and marginalized people in our world.  During the month of December, classrooms collect funds and contribute to life changing and empowering projects that make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Development and Peace:

Development and Peace is the official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada and aims to engage a new generation by raising awareness of social injustices occurring in the world, and how students can contribute to creating a just world.


Humankind International:

Humankind International is a nonprofit humanitarian organization committed to listening to and responding to the needs of the communities of Northern Kenya and Southern Somalia. The organization strives to use new approaches to developing and empowering these communities to achieve their goals.