*Please allow teachers 48 hours for the return of emails and voicemail messages. 

If it is an urgent matter (ie: illness), please speak with the school office. 

Email is to be used as a tool for reminders and clarification.  If you have concerns you should arrange a meeting with the teacher.


Regular Absences

To report absences, please call 204-489-2115 or e-mail schooloffice@sjbcommunity.ca before 9 a.m.

A message can be left for the school office stating the child’s full name and grade.


  • Screen your child(ren) for symptoms using the Covid-19 screening tool
  • Encourage and ensure regular, punctual attendance
  • Contact the school receptionist and classroom teacher by email or phone prior to 8:40am when the student will be late or absent
  • Contact the school receptionist by email or phone if the student must leave early
  • Notify the classroom teacher, administration and school receptionist before taking their child out of school for any vacations
  • Assume responsibility for any time taken away for their child’s education


Extended Absences

Extended Absence Protocol