As part of its mission to develop the Christian leadership potential of students, St. John Brebeuf School offers a number of programs that put “love into action,” within the school community and beyond.

One unique initiative implemented at St. John Brebeuf School in September 2003 is The Virtues Project by psychotherapist and author Linda Kavelin Popov (2000).  The program is designed to create an environment of caring and respect so that all may live, learn, and serve in Christ.  The Virtues Project inspires the practice of virtues in everyday life.  Each month, the school community learns  a virtue to help inspire faith, hope, love, and truth.  The school year’s virtues are shared with the community at the beginning of each school year. This year, the school will focus on the Seven Sacred Indigenous Teachings.

Each student receives a Virtues Cross, a simple necklace consisting of a wooden cross and beads. The necklace represents monthly virtues and symbolizes God’s love and the many gifts he has given.  The Virtues Project helps us to better understand what God creates us to be so we can live to our full potential.

September – What are the seven teachings?

October – Love

November – Respect

December and January- Courage

February and March- Honesty

April – Wisdom

May – Humility

June  – Truth