Limited spots still available in select grades. Please call the school if interested.

School Board

The St. John Brebeuf School Board is responsible for proper governance and mission fulfillment of St. John Brebeuf School.  An important part of the overall SJB Parish Community, St. John Brebeuf School provides access to a Catholic education for young parishioners and has a major influence on the ‘social’ life of the parish through school concerts, barbeques, fundraisers and other community building events.  The school also brings ‘spiritual’ life to the Parish through School Masses and other Liturgical celebrations and helps to renew the Parish by attracting young families with children who wish to become parishioners.

Members of the School Board are called forth according to the gifts needed in the school community and are appointed by the pastor.  Working as members of the Board proper, and Board committees, they are responsible for School Staffing, marketing and communications, policy making, building and maintenance, and finance decisions.  The School Board usually meets on the third Tuesday of each month from September to June.  Please contact School Principal or School Board Chairperson for time and location of the next meeting. Any individuals or groups wishing to make a presentation at a regular school board meeting are asked to contact the Principal or Chairperson at least two weeks prior to the meeting.



Fr. Wayne Morrissey, Pastor

Mr. Phil Cesario, Chair

Ms. Carla Anjos-Clemente, Treasurer

Mrs. Jennifer Da Costa-Melo

Mrs. Brandy Ellerbrock

Dr. Grant Yung

Ms. Margaret Kingdon

Mr. Kevin McCulloch

Ms. Kitty Kelly

Mr. Tyler Kelsch