Kindergarten application deadline is February 5, 2021 & Grades 1-8 application deadline is February 26, 2021.

School Traffic

St. John Brebeuf School School Traffic Safety

Child safety at drop off and pick-up time continues to be a concern for the members of   St. John Brebeuf and our surrounding community.  The parking and reckless driving situation seems to be getting worse despite regular attempts to encourage parents to follow the rules of the road.  We believe that this is something we can change if we all commit to working together.

In the interest of child safety, we would like to reiterate the guidelines for dropping off and picking up your children at school.


Safety Over Convenience


Drop Off and Pick Up Guidelines

No Double Parking is permitted – Ever

  • This has been identified as the most dangerous practice that many of our parents engage in. It limits visibility, traffic flow and boxes-in innocent drivers who are obeying the law. Double parking is illegal at all times and subject to enforcement action.  Please do not double park.

Absolutely No Parking in the Loading Zone

  • This zone is clearly marked by street signs and is located in front of the school. It is intended for a quick stop for the purpose of dropping off your child – aka Stop, Drop and Go!   This is not a parking zone, nor is it a place to park and wait for your child to be dismissed after school. Please have your children ready to hop out on the school side of your vehicle when you pullover.  Be ready to move on when they are safely on the curb.  This should take less than one minute.

No Parking in the Staff Parking Lot

  • The staff parking lot is for staff only. Under no circumstances should you drop off or wait for your children in this lot.  There is no entrance to the school.

No Parking in the Back Lane

  • The back lane is for through traffic only. Please drive slowly and do not idle in this area and wait for your children.

Respect our School Patrols

  • Please respect and follow the directions of the School Safety patrols who are child volunteers of the Winnipeg Police Service. Verbal abuse of these children will not be tolerated.

Use Renfrew Street

  • Drivers are encouraged to utilize the entire length of Renfrew St. from Corydon to Grant in order to increase student safety and ease traffic congestion.

Practice Patience, Respect, and Courtesy

  • Should a fellow parent or community member point out to you that you are in violation of the above noted traffic regulations, please respectfully move along.  It is not okay to get angry with someone who is trying to encourage you to do the right thing.  Again, verbal abuse will not be tolerated.


Reporting a Problem

To report any traffic infractions you may witness, please complete the “ Parking Complaint” or “ Manner of Parking” forms found below and fax them to the Winnipeg Police service.  As well, please be reminded that the school and church have closed circuit security systems that record activities around the school.



We are all responsible for the safety of the children. Please abide by the traffic control signs around the school and the regulations outlined above.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.